Regatta Sailing Academy

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Adult Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced Courses

Regatta Sailing Academy offers many courses for adults looking to start or improve their sailing during their time in Qatar.

The Adult Sailing is split into Beginners / Intermediate/ Advanced

Beginners  ‘Start Sailing’ is for complete beginners and looks at the basics of boat handling and building your confidence on the water. You will sail in Funboats, Picos, and possibly   be introduced to the Laser. By the end you will be able to sail in light to medium winds independently but under supervision.

Intermediate  ‘Basic Skills’ looks at doing more technical manoeuvres, such as the famous “man overboard” and “coming alongside” in dinghies and generally improving your sailing. Upon completion of this level you will be able to sail independently in a range of conditions.

Advanced  ‘Better Sailing’ is where things really start to heat up! Looking closely at double handed sailing and perfecting manoeuvres, you will be super confident and happy to sail in a wide variety of conditions and you will certainly have sailing knowledge spilling out into your dreams from time to time!

Adults can progress onto the further advanced modules, such as sailing with spinnakers and seamanship skills.

We have many courses running on both the weekends and during the week.

View our Blog section for new courses if any

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